The last of the Girls

Today I attended the funeral of Stella Lechner Montgomery.  Stella was the last of the Monday night Girls Night Out crowd.  My mother, Stella, Rosemary Skiles, Mary Margaret Anderson and Clyta Davis used to get together on Monday nights.  I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was once per month.


Stella Montgomery

Clyta lived at Cherry Corners and we would frequently drive out there.  Often we would stop at the Wolfinbarger liquor store on the way.  I would be assigned the task of drinking the tops off of several 7-Ups.  An appropriate amount of bourbon was then poured into the 7-Up bottle.  Those libations were then consumed on the short trip.

I remember wonderful fried chicken, salads, etc.  They were all good cooks.  Stella often baked the best chocolate cake that I ever ate.  It was always relaxing and a blast.

So tonight I’m drinking a bourbon and 7 in memory of them all:

  • Clyta Davis: 1915 – 1982
  • Mary Margaret Anderson: 1918 – 1995
  • Ruth Shartel Barnes: 1920 - 2000
  • Rosemary Skiles: 1918 – 2006
  • Stella Montgomery: 1923 - 2013