Father’s Day

In Memory of Robert Weems Barnes, February 19, 1921 – April 18, 2008.


High School Yearbook picture



With niece Becky and her grandson Wesley
(aka Spook)

rwb_hard_hatAt a WebHogs football tailgate
wearing the hard hat he designed
  RWB_March2005_bwAt a baseball tailgate


Rain Delay before LSU & Arkansas #2

Ben Tschepikow in the concourse during the rain delay.

Arkansas & LSU – game #2 @ CWS

There was a delay before the game, but I was prepared with my poncho and my rain hat. The towel hat I brought to keep myself cool turned out to be more useful in drying my seat.

LSU & Arkansas – game #2 – CWS

The infield is covered and the game may not start on time. Today's game features LSU vs. Arkansas in an elimination game for the Hogs.


Arkansas vs. Virginia @ CWS

Rally hat strategy: change every inning

Hogs tie it up! – Arkansas vs. Virginia

The rally has worked! Eibner hits a 2 run homer to tie the game in the top of the 9th.

Virginia vs. Arkansas – elimination game

Rally hat on for the ninth.

CWS – Storm Clouds over Rosenblatt

Storm clouds are in the area, but it looks as though the storms will miss us.

Arkansas & Virginia - CWS

My seat for game 9, the Hogs third game is high but the view is good. GHG!


Texas vs. Arizona St - CWS

Top of 8th, texas leads 10 - 6, and the stands begin to clear. Unless ASU rallys, they will have to play an elimination game against North Carolina.

CWS – Sun Devil

There is a Sun Devil in front of me.

CWS – Beat Texas

Some things are never forgotten.

CWS ticket

Woo Hoo, I just scored a ticket for tonight's texas (spit) vs. Arizona State game. I didn't think there was any chance to get one so I did not bring my ASU hat.

CWS Food

Some of the food choices at the CWS are astounding!

North Carolina vs. Southern Miss - elimination

For the No Carolina vs So Miss elimination game, I had a great view of the field.


On the bus after the LSU/Arkansas game

Hog fans & LSU fans share a bus ride after the game.  I sat next to a gentleman who used to show Cocker Spaniels and knew friends of mine.

The stands began to clear

In 8th, Hogs trail LSU 9-1. The CWS celebrated the attendance of 7,000,000 fans at the series.

Razorbacks get ready to take the field


Arkansas gathers for Bigham's back flip, now a pre-game tradition.

Seats in the outfield

We are almost to the lf foul pole, but there are no obstructions to the view for tonight's LSU vs. Arkansas game.

From NW Arkansas & NE Oklahoma to Omaha

Hog fans @ the Fullerton vs. Virginia game.

I found Scott Estes (left) and Wright Shannon in the General Admission section.

Cal State Fullerton vs. Virginia

My view for this elimination game is not quite as good as the view yesterday.

The bus ride to the CWS

Today I took the bus. But it doesn't arrive until about 30 minutes before game time, so the traffic is awful.

The CWS Ticket Exchange - ARGGGGHHHH

   What a good idea, go on-line, find a ticket that fits your needs (if you can) and get it at Will-Call.  Now understand, I have made many purchases on-line.  I am NOT inexperienced.  But this thing defeated me.

I have a post office box.  Customer Service told me to enter the box number BEFORE “PO Box.”  Huh?

I am not the only one in the nation to have a post office box.  Yet the credit card processing application could not handle it and there were no instructions about entering a PO box.  Why do other applications on other web sites work?

The customer service office did not open until 8 a.m.  But at 8 a.m. the tickets for today’s first game were no longer available because it was within five hours of the game.

The College World Series is great, but the ticket situation is really frustrating.

The Traveling Kitchen

The Motel 6 Kitchen

I’m staying in a Motel 6 for the College World Series, so the kitchen facilities are whatever I brought with me.  Of course, this setup was developed for traveling to dog shows.  The most important component is the plastic coffee maker that brews into an insulated mug.  The second most important is the cooler.  This week it holds orange juice, Dr. Pepper and water.  For dog shows you would add some Bil-Jac frozen dog food.


Bottom of the 10th: Arizona State vs. North Carolina

Az State score 4 runs in the top of the 10th & wins 5-2.

Divided Loyalties?

I made it in for the Arizona State game! But there were no tickets left for tonight's Southern Mississippi - Texas game.  And I kept my promise, I wore my ASU hat, stayed for the entire game and brought home a win for the Sun Devils (in ten innings!)

BTW, there are no divided loyalties here.  I will cheer for ASU in their bracket, but once they face the Razorbacks again, all bets are off!

The view from the queue

I have been in line for 2.5 hours & I still cannot see the ticket office. Sure hope I can get a reserved seat.


Tough crowd.

This is a tough crowd on the ball girls. If a ball off the screen is muffed, half the crowd boos. But to give them credit, when the catch is made, they cheer.

If you ever get the chance, go to the CWS

I have never been to an event quite like the CWS. The fans are knowledgeable and truly enjoy the game. I am so glad that I came.

CWS: Virginia vs. LSU

LSU leads 3-1 after 3, but left bases loaded.

College World Series – Game 2

Game 2 featured Virginia vs. LSU. This view is what I got after waiting in line for 2.5 hours.

Proud Grandfather

Andy Wilkins grandfather after the first game of the College World Series.  Andy went 2 for 3, with a walk, 1 home run and 5 runs batted in.

Hogs Win!

This picture was taken just before the final out.

CWS Day 1: 3rd Inning of AR vs. CSF


Wilkins @ bat, Tschepikow on 1B.  Wilkins struck out in this at bat, but Tshcepikow went on to score on a Zack Cox home run.

CWS Day 1: Hogfather & Mrs. Hogfather

David & Cindy Edwards made it to Omaha!  It was great to see them both.  David is looking particularly svelte after losing over 90 pounds since January.

CWS Day 1: The View From My Seat

Great view. Hogs take batting practice.

CWS Day 1: Standing in line for Tickets

The line stretches on and on ... Just to get a reserved seat for either game at the first day of the College World Series.


The Road to Omaha

It was a bit stormy looking on the way to Omaha, but the outlook for the Hogs is sunny!

Best Laid Plans

Robert Burns (1759–1796)

The best laid schemes o’ mice and men
        Gang aft a-gley;
And leave us naught but grief and pain
        For promised joy.

To a Mouse.

gettin ready for OmahaPlans, schmlans.  I was all set to go to Fayetteville for the NCAA Track & Field Championships.  Then it started raining, then storming, then raining this morning.   And all of that is headed East to Fayetteville.   I didn’t really want to sit in a storm or even the rain.  I decided to heck with it!

So, I’m headed to Omaha early.  That means that I get to see the Razorbacks first game tomorrow.

Go Hogs Go! 


Expandable Blogs


After doing some research on the subject I found that I could edit my template. I had chosen a pretty plain template (minima black) because I want my blog to match my web site.

I edited the template by going to the blogger dashboard >> Customize >> Layout >> Edit HTML. (Be sure to save your template before you make any changes.)

The “wrapper” variables are what determine the different widths of your blog. I changed the hard-coded widths to percentages instead of pixels, shown as px. Note that I am not showing all code, just the pertinent portions. I had to play around with the percentages until I found a combination that worked for my layout.

#header-wrapper {

#outer-wrapper {
width: 95%;

#main-wrapper {
width: 75%;

#sidebar-wrapper {
width: 20%;

Now that I have figured that out, I want to work on creating a layout that has a border around it. But I want the post section to be expandable. All of that will have to wait until after the CWS and the dog show in OKC.

G.S.P.C.A. Tracking Trial

Qualifying GSPs @ GSPCA TD testTwo German Shorthaired Pointers earned Tracking Dog titles at the GSPCA Trial on May 05. Mayde Crk's Storm Savior RN TD handled by Jeanine Wright is at left and CH Voyager's Windstorm TD handled by Karen Rooks Nauer is pictured on the right. Karen’s dog was the first one to pass on a track that I laid.

Razorbacks in the College World Series!

What a year it has been for the baseball Razorbacks! From starting the conference schedule 10 – 2, to finishing 1 – 8, there have been wild swings.
The St. Patricks Day Hat give away
There was the St. Patty’s day hat give away and the visit to Baum Stadium of ShaneHawg.

It was exciting to be there as the #1 ranked Razorbacks beat the #1 ranked Sun Devils, with over 11,000 in attendance for the second game.

It was even more fun to go to Norman, Oklahoma and beat the #7 National seed, the Sooners, in their own ball park, while their radio broadcasters pleaded with the OU fans to come support their team. Now I get to go to Omaha to watch the Razorbacks play in their second game of the College World Series. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Go Hogs Go!


Multimedia message

This copyrighted image of Giggles was sent from cell via email.
I finally got it to work!

The New and Imroved Elwing News

Now that blogs are so easy to do, I decided to convert my web site News to a blog. This will allow me to insert images along with news items. I can also create blog items that are not about my dogs. For example, the copyrighted image shown at right is a picture of B.O.B.