It’s Time for FOOTBALL!!

War Memorial StadiumI haven’t posted since the College World Series, so I think it is time.

College football begins this week.  More importantly, Arkansas Razorback football begins Saturday (September 05) at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Surprisingly enough, I have never been to the Rock for a football game.  When a friend posted on the HawgsIllustrated message board that he had a ticket for sale, I decided it was about time to remedy that.

The sad news is that the Web Hogs Razorback Club will be disbanding and Saturday will be their last event.  No, it will not be a tailgate, rather a sale of all remaining equipment.  I understand that the football team walks by the old WHRC tailgate site on their way into the stadium.  If you are interested in any tailgate equipment, check out the Web Hogs web site for details on the sale.

My friend Nick has created a series of posts about attending games in the SEC.  If you like football, you will love his stories.  Check out Malvie’s Musings.

So now it is time to wash the van and apply all the Hog magnets.  I’ve given up on car flags, they get whipped to pieces before I get to a game.  So I just keep adding more magnets, just in case no one can tell which team I support.

The Alabama bloggers site is sponsoring a contest to score points for schools.  Kathy at Life in the Slow Lane has asked Arkansas bloggers to help out.  To learn more about how to score points for your school, click here.

Go Hogs, beat the Bears!


KBeau said...

Thanks for joining, Marty. We might actually have more participants than Auburn at this point.

Baumbastic said...

You got me off my duff as far as blogging. And that is not an easy task. 8-)

Now let's see if I keep it up on any regular basis.

Unknown said...

Excellent post! I wish I could go with you.

I'll post some WHRC War Memorial pictures in Friday's installment. I've decided to take a break tonight and then tomorrow, post my WMS sidelines story with a lot of pictures.


Rachel said...

Thanks for participating!!!

Sorry you're losting your tailgating club - how sad!

Enjoy the game!