She Gives Me the Giggles

Giggles in the snow










So, I don’t like cold wintry weather very much.  Okay, I don’t like it at all.  Giggles (Ch Equinoxx Elwing Mutual Fun) does not either.  She could be used as the picture for the definition of a couch potato.

On a recent morning I took her for a walk in the snow.  There was an area that had been plowed, or at least the snow was beaten down.  At the end of our walk the tractor had turned in a circle to go back the way it came.  Giggles walked in the cleared area right around the circle.  I was thinking “What a smart girl!”

Just then, she looked at me – and walked right into the deepest part of the snow.  That’s a Pointer for you!

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Unknown said...

Giggles IS smart. I hate winter.

We've got "wintry mix" scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. Aaarrrrggghhhh! And to think---last summer was so hot....