iPhone Follow-Up

If you read my rant from last Monday, you know about my frustrations with AT&T.  I will give them their due, or is it Apple that did well?  At any rate, my new phone made it to Bartlesville by Wednesday morning.

I didn’t even try to call the local store, I just sent an email to check on the phone after seeing the tracking notice that it had been delivered.  Justin told me it was here!  He (and everyone else at the local store) has been very helpful and told me just to let him know if I have questions.  I took his picture with my camera, just to make sure that I could use it.


My entire contact list transferred to my new phone, but I have to clean up the duplicates and add some addresses.  It does some really cool things.  For example, if you click on an address, a map of the location will appear.  I have loaded several albums to the iPod part of the phone.

I really like the thread function for text messaging.  You can see a grouping of texts as you and a friend “talk.”  But the on-screen letters are small and close together, so typing with my thumbs does not work well.

I have already loaded the iHog app, the ESPN free scoreboard app and I will be looking at the K-Force app recommended by Facebook friend Susan Abe.  It is a way to do baseball scoring on the phone.  I’m really curious to see how it works.

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