Ticked over tickets

No, not me, I am delighted to be able to be in the ballpark for each of the Razorback games at the College World Series.

Those around me yesterday were not feeling so happy. More than one person told me that they should have gotten tickets elsewhere.

According to the release on ArkansasRazorbacks.com, only those who donate at the Broyles-Matthews level and have baseball season tickets were eligible to purchase tickets from the U of A. I even know someone who has a suite at Baum, yet was not able to get tickets for the CWS.

So those sitting around me were high dollar donors. Yet here we all sat - in the upper deck, way out in left field. Several people said that they were going to complain to Mark Scoby about the location of their seats.

I doubt that complaining will help. I'm sure that the Razorback Ticket office did what it could with what they were given. I'm convinced that it is the same situation as most bowl games, the U of A is not given any choice seats. Those go to the season ticket holders. There are many people in Omaha, and elsewhere who have had season tickets for many years. They may have even expanded the number of season ticket holders when they opened the new ballpark.

So I will be in whatever seat the ticket office sees fit to give me. I will be cheering on the OmaHogs for as long as they are here. And I will continue to be very thankful to those who got me the seat.

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