Razorbacks in the College World Series!

What a year it has been for the baseball Razorbacks! From starting the conference schedule 10 – 2, to finishing 1 – 8, there have been wild swings.
The St. Patricks Day Hat give away
There was the St. Patty’s day hat give away and the visit to Baum Stadium of ShaneHawg.

It was exciting to be there as the #1 ranked Razorbacks beat the #1 ranked Sun Devils, with over 11,000 in attendance for the second game.

It was even more fun to go to Norman, Oklahoma and beat the #7 National seed, the Sooners, in their own ball park, while their radio broadcasters pleaded with the OU fans to come support their team. Now I get to go to Omaha to watch the Razorbacks play in their second game of the College World Series. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Go Hogs Go!


KBeau said...

It's looking good, Marty. Glad you got the pictures to work. I do like the wider format, and I'm currently working on a background for my blog that will allow me to do the minima stretch format.

Baumbastic said...

I never have gotten the pictures to import from WLW. I had to do the posting from blogger. 8-(

I had used the tilt and picture frame for a couple of posts and the images looked great. Oh well, I'll work on that after I get back.

Unknown said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! It looks great. I, too, like the wide format, how do you do that?

I have no issue with importing pics from WLW; we need to compare notes.

Unknown said...

Suggest you add the feedit counter (see my blog).

KBeau said...

One suggestion I would make is to perhaps finish tweaking your layout and then import again to WLW and try posting with pictures.