The CWS Ticket Exchange - ARGGGGHHHH

   What a good idea, go on-line, find a ticket that fits your needs (if you can) and get it at Will-Call.  Now understand, I have made many purchases on-line.  I am NOT inexperienced.  But this thing defeated me.

I have a post office box.  Customer Service told me to enter the box number BEFORE “PO Box.”  Huh?

I am not the only one in the nation to have a post office box.  Yet the credit card processing application could not handle it and there were no instructions about entering a PO box.  Why do other applications on other web sites work?

The customer service office did not open until 8 a.m.  But at 8 a.m. the tickets for today’s first game were no longer available because it was within five hours of the game.

The College World Series is great, but the ticket situation is really frustrating.

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