Is it the Credit Card?

Ah, the vagaries of using credit cards.  Today as I returned home with the new puppy, I stopped for gas in Calera, Oklahoma.  I pump gas for myself all the time.  I scanned the card and the pump display instructed me to select the grade of gasoline.  I pushed the “Regular” button.  Nothing happened.  I pressed it again.  Still nothing.  Finally the transaction timed out.

I tried to start the transaction over again.  I got a message to “See cashier.”  I was informed that I had to remove the nozzle from the pump before selecting the grade.  Um, OK.  I finally got mad and left.

About an hour later, I stopped for gas again.  This time the message was “See attendant.”  When I checked, I was told that my card was refused for being used “too frequently.”  Luckily, I had plenty of cash and managed to get gas.

Then I tried to call the card’s “emergency number.”  Huh!  After going through a long routine which involved returning to the store to find someone to tell me what certain letters were on a regular push-button phone, entering the long credit card number and pressing a bunch of buttons, I finally spoke to a person.  I needed to call customer service.  That was a different phone number, but they could transfer me.  When that new connection asked for the credit card number, etc. I blew a gasket.

By now I was paranoid.  So when I had to go buy dog food, I didn’t even try the credit card.

Once I finally connected with the credit card company, I was told that there were no holds or denials on my card.  If I wanted to be sure, I should use it.

The local grocery store approved it immediately.

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KBeau said...

Isn't technology great.