Sue E comes to Oklahoma

Here is the story in pictures.

As soon as I got her outside, I let her walk around.  I started looking for a toy and the first thing that I found was a soft baseball.  She loved it.


She was pretty good on the way home.  She had a fit for the first few miles.  But eventually she settled down and was quiet as long as the van was moving.  I stopped once to walk her (success!) and give her some cheese from my Egg McMuffin.  (We started bait training early!)  She didn’t want to come out of the crate when I stopped.

When I got home, she wasn’t sure about coming out of the crate:


But then she decided that she would try it:


BOB and Giggles were intrigued:


She wasn’t so sure about them, backing as far away as she could:


But that didn’t last long:


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KBeau said...

Glad you made it safely home. Oklahoma needs a little Sue E.